-I am currently in my 20s

-I have been an adult performer, creator, and general naked person on the internet for +6 years now. I enjoy the exhibitionism, the silly fun, and the outlet it provides me. I hope you enjoy your stay in my world!

-I do live webcam shows, I create visuals, and broadcast my person in various ways. I do it all strictly virtually, sorry!

-Can I make something for you? Ask me about it

-I am an androgynous trans MALE. I go by he/him, it/its, and they/them pronouns, in order of preference

-If you are at all unsure of my genital configuration, you are in the exact right place to find out where to look down my pants!



Live cam rooms


Premium content


My porn+lewd vids


My wishlists

-lovense wishlist
-amazon wishlist

Support my existence <3

-buy me a ko-fi
-cashapp me
-spankpay (crypto payments)

Referral links

If you sign up and/or buy stuff using these links, I get a little money bonus at no extra cost to you. So it would be extra cool if you did that!

-Onlyfans signup -for models and fans
-Lovense shop -The gold standard of teledildonics. A cam models best friend. Vibes, wands plugs, literal fuck machines and penis masturbators available

Next Stream:

TUESDAY [01/12/2022] - 2pm-7pm GMT

I shall be making weird noises

I have my computer, tablet and keyboard set up to make some weird noises for my stream soundboard. What kind of beep should a ‘flash boobs’ make? What synths sounds best signal a spit on tits? Help me find out!! (I'll also be getting out ot my underpants and edging my tdick every goal, this isn't twitch. If we get to 5 goals I get to cum too!)

⚧︎ʸ𝐎υ ʰαvẸ 𝓝𝐎𝓦 Ẹ𝓝тẸʳẸ𝐃 ҜʳЎ𝓅т𝐎s.𝓦𝐎ʳ𝔩𝐃!!

This world is under construction; please watch your step, coding is not my forte!

If you spot any particular bugs you see that aren't listed, or if you care to help me squash some, shoot me a message here: enter@kryptos.world

I'm also happy to offer my wares in exchange for your knowledge; a.k.a. vid/clip packages, subscriptions, etc for helping me with squishing the bugs or adding new features! Suggestions welcome too.


Known bugs[17/10/2022]:

-Sometimes the button thingy in the bottom right corner moves with the scroll. The triangle thingy do you know what I am talking about. It should ideally ALWAYS be at the bottom right and not move, fixed about 5px from the bottom right of the border

Proposed reward: 5 video bundle of choice OR 6 month Onlyfans subscription

Planned features:

-Custom creation information and request form. For now you can go over to my custom request form on my manyvids page

-Cool icons to go on top of my desktop links.

-Blinkie shrine to show off my collection

-Gallery page for some of my favourite images

* 20/11/2022 [23:05PM] *

Emptied schedule

* 20/10/2022 [18:27PM] *

Fanclub perks added; double spanks, half price ticket shows, 1-on-1 messaging privileges and my deepest gratitudes for your support of me. Section to be adding to Chaturbate+this site.. eventually.

* 20/10/2022 [01:39AM] *

Added a news section

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